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Imagine a trip. A continent, the shape of a country, a dot on a map where you’re heading. Imagine a meeting. A meeting with people who have been connected with the place they live in for ages. They seem to match its rhythm perfectly well. Imagine a trip to a place where everything you encounter will be so much different from this what you already know well.

Soul Travel is a challenge

For those who want to experience the riches of a long lasting tradition – not only by observing it, but by taking part in all the celebrations and everyday rituals of the indigenous societies.
For those who want to be guided by people who follow the rules they talk about.
For those who plan their trip ahead of time – it will not be a last minute trip and the landing will not mean the end of it. This is where our trip really begins.
And for those who want to travel responsibly – keeping the balance, using the wisdom and respect of the teachers who invite and host us at their houses.

UZBEKISTAN with Bartek Sabela
April/May 2016

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